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Services for Small Business Clients

For new emerged companies, entrepreneurs, “one man show” companies, for small businesses that feel they need a rebranding, our services range from graphic design to website design and custom solutions.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers will bring their creative input in helping you with:

We have 3 different packages available, depending on the amount of initial design concepts to be delivered and on the number of  revisions sessions.

After creating the logo, or based on an already existing logo, our designers start designing the stationary maintaining the unity among all the marketing materials’ look and feel.
- business card
- letterhead
- thank you card
- envelope
- corporate card

Brochures and flyers
They come in a variety of sizes and types, they can be standard or custom size. Some of the most common brochures are:
- 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold letter size brochures
- letter size insertions
- presentation folder
- 8 page letter size brochure
- flyer (letter size or 1/3 of a letter size)
- single pane brochure
- post card

The size and folding type will be decided by the client and the designers, based on the amount of copy (text) and pictures, and the technical specifications from the print shop.

Some other materials that can be included in this category are:
- ads for magazines (size depends on magazine’s technical requirements)
- booklets (custom size)

Other materials:
- PowerPoint templates
- Custom PowerPoint Presentations
- Book cover design (a 3D version of it is included)
- CD cover design (a 3D version of it is included)
- Posters
- Post cards

Website design

When helping small business clients with their web presence, we have created 3 packages to chose from, and a list of add-ons that can be combined for the best result.

The difference between the 3 packages resides in the number of pages the website will have in the end. Of course, you may think it is to difficult for you to decide the number of pages, or whether or not you should have a newsletter box, or an animation, or a forum. If that is your case, do not worry, you can schedule a 30 minutes talk with one of our consultants and you will be helped with your web strategy. Our consultant will contact you.

The 3 packages are:

Basic HTML Website
- 2 initial concept designs
- 2 graphic design revisions
- 5 html pages, contact form
- 2 text revisions

Select HTML Website
- 2 initial concept designs
- 2 graphic design revisions
- 10 html pages, contact form
- 2 text revisions

Gold HTML Website
- 3 initial concept designs
- 3 graphic design revisions
- 20 html pages, contact form
- 2 text revisions

In addition to the functionalities these packages come with, you can also have your website include:
- a newsletter (opt-in) box with autoresponders linked to it and with customized design for newsletter and email templates.
- shopping cart for selling your products online.
- a forum or a guestbook for keeping your site’s interactivity.
- a blog, when you have too many things to share with your audience.
- a membership system for managing classes, teleclasses, courses, resources (like Moodle).
- a customized post-it over your homepage, for promoting special events, news or offers.
- you can have customized icons specially designed for your website.
- or you can even have animated banners or animated introductions.

The possibilities are not limited to the above list, because the Internet's possibilities are endless and so is our creativity.

Custom Projects

For complex projects and functionalities that require a lot of programming skills, an initial discussion with a technical Project Manager will be necessary.

What types of projects qualify here?
- building a website on a Content Management System (that means a system with an interface that will help non-technical persons edit the website as much as they want, and as easy as using MsWord.)

Read more about WebAlive CMS
- an e-commerce website, with multiple products and currencies, discounts, and several methods of payment, even a stock management application if necessary.
- an application capable of helping you manage your business: your clients, products, stocks, resellers, etc.

All of the above examples are custom projects. Building a budget and a time-line for them requires some discussions of consultation, analysis, strategy. When you feel you are ready for them, just email us and one of our consultants will call you.

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