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Webalive CMS

Having extensive experience with a range of free and fee Content Management Systems, we often found that we were trying to shoot a fly with an elephant gun. Most Content Management Systems have become so complex trying to fit every possible need of every client, that the result is huge, slow, complicate to use, inflexible to specific needs.

Webalive was created by Retina so that we can empower our clients with Content Management features, while keeping things very simple and relevant to the client.

The flexible architecture of Webalive permits us to strip it down into pieces and put it back toghether in a form that fits the specific client needs - not more, not less.


  • Have control over your website
  • Update your website whenever you want and as often as you want to
  • Integrates marketing & sales features
  • Easy to use – no HTML skills needed
  • Feature rich, flexible to add more features at anytime
  • SEO friendly
  • Low maintenance cost


  • manage menus and sub-menus
  • edit / create website pages
  • custom forms
  • client / prospect database
  • autoresponders / newsletter system
  • web postits
  • products database
  • shopping cart
  • affiliates tracking
  • human resources
  • news
  • articles
  • blog
  • ecards
  • polls
  • assessements
  • marketing surveys
  • search site
  • sitemap
  • manage advertising banners/codes (eg. Google Adsense)
  • manage tracking codes (eg. Google Analytics)

Case studies

Whiskas & Pedigree
Coca-Cola HBC
Paste Baneasa
Bermuda Styles
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