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WebMarketingSales is the last web conversion toolkit you will ever need to market your website and then increase the conversion rates and ultimately sell a lot of products.

If you are still using X.com product for your autoresponders, Y.com for your shopping cart, Z.com for your surveys or assessments, then think about how much more easier your work will become if you start using an all-in-one product.

Your productivity will increase not only from the fact that you work with one easy to use interface, but also from the fact that quick one-click shortcuts are available to streamline work between two functions. (eg. Send autoresponder to a list of people that took a certain assessment).

By combining the WebMarketingSales product with Webalive CMS, you get total control over your Internet presence, sales and marketing. We are happy to create a custom solution that fits your business perfectly. This is going to provide you with a killer competitive edge over your competition(!).

Who should use WMS?

  • small businesses
  • solo professionals
  • coaches / trainers
  • virtual assistants
  • website marketers
  • product managers
  • YOU! :)


  • All-in-one marketing and sales tool
  • Plugs into your current website with minimum effort
  • Integrates marketing & sales


1. Web Postits

Everybody knows that popups are blocked, disregarded, closed and they annoy the visitor to a point that they could even leave your website.

Web postits are the ultimate attention grabber that you should use on your website. These postits get past the popup blockers and with their eye catchy designs grab your prospects, get them to look up, listen up and say, “Okay, so you’ve got my attention. Tell me more!”
  • Convert traffic into profitable client relationships.
  • Cut through the clutter and get directly in front of your prospects and clients.

  • Increase your opt-in conversation by 300% to 400%, and skyrocket your product and service sales.

  • Glue your clients’ eyes to one smashing, stunning, custom designed image that says more than 1,000 words.

  • Increase Your Sales Revenue and Affiliate Commissions.

2. Assessments

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if a flurry of perfect clients fell right into your lap? Let’s face it… probably it isn’t going to happen. But in one easy step, you can open up the floodgates of visitor traffic and start learning exactly what your clients’ want and need from you. Let your clients do the talkin’ while you sit back and serve their needs.

Assessment Tools are the most organic and fun way to bring a surge of new clients and leads to your web page.

With the assessments tools you can create:
  • Self-Scoring Assessments

  • Fun Tests and Custom Quizzes

  • Captivating Questionnaires

  • No special skills required, it's a copy-paste job
  • Your clients start communicating with your business
  • Get to know your prospects and identify your ideal clients

3. Surveys

Survey your clients and encourage them to share with you everything they feel, believe and know about you and your services.

Let’s face it: your clients are probably better informed about your products and services than you are. They have the benefit of perspective and deep, intimate understanding of what’s hot and what’s not among you and your competitors. So let them spill it and tap into all that they love and those things that could use some improvement too!

  • Automatic Follow-up and Feedback Forms

  • Weekly (On-demand) Surveys

  • Marketing Opinion Polls

  • Product and Service Evaluation Surveys

  • Suggestion Forms

If You Don’t Ask What’s on the Minds of Your Best Clients, You Could Be Blindsided By Them!

  • Continually increase client referrals and word of mouth marketing.

  • Go above and beyond and deliver amazing customer service, that keeps your clients raving about you!

  • Save thousands of dollars on research and development and get all the information you need at the click of a survey.

  • Get the truth and solid facts about your products and services, so you can eliminate doubt and negative self talk.

4. Newsletter/Autoresponder system

  • Visitors request information from you via e-mail or through your web site, and it is automatically delivered to them within seconds!
  • The name and e-mail address of each subscriber is automatically added to your WMS database, saving you endless hours of data entry!
  • Personalized follow-up letters are automatically sent to each of your subscribers at regular, predetermined intervals, building trust and rapport between you and your subscribers!
  • You spend more time with your family, since WebMarketingSales is doing so much of your work!
  • Your efficient WMS follow up account converts subscribers into customers without intervention from you!
  • Save time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and make more money!

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