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Project management assures that web projects stay profitable both on the client side and the developer side.

One can bring the best graphic designers, savvy programmers and cutting-edge marketing people to a project , but if communication isnít adequate between all of the constituencies, money can be lost on a perfectly good opportunity.

Perfect4.net believes that the key of projectís success is a disciplined development process no matter the size or scope of the project. Ö we try to put ourselves in the clientís place, understanding the clientís point of view and making suggestions. We know and understand that the major client requirements for any project are:
1. to meet the deadlines
2. to stay in the budget
3. quality assurance

It is a long way from project proposal to implementation. The project life cycle and the project managerís involvement can be briefly described as follows:

a) Definition Phase
Project Manager

b) Estimating Phase
Project Manager, Creative Team Manager, Technical Team Manager

c) Analysis Phase
All Team Members

d) Production Phase
Project Manager, Creative Team, Technical Team

e) Testing Phase
Project Manager, Quality Assurance Team

f) Launch Phase
Project Manager, Creative Team, Technical Team, Quality Assurance Team

g) Postproject Analysis Phase
All Team Members
Consulting: Corporate Identity
Consulting: Promotion
Consulting: Promotion
Consulting: it recruitment