Now you can get a website

just like Michael’s

…for 1/4 of the cost he paid! But don’t tell him that…

Well, ok, Michael knows and actually he was the one that came to me with the idea of providing his BYS Certified Coaches with a nice, clean, modern and affordable website — his website, really. In fact, Michael doesn’t get paid anything for this. (He’s such a sucker.)


We Follow This Process...

  • Define project scope and objectives.
  • Create a content plan and site structure.
  • Design a draft of how the website would look.
  • The client then goes and starts gathering copy and images to use on the website
  • Work with the client to tweak the design.
  • The design is programmed
  • The contents (copy & images) are added to the website’s pages
  • Testing on multiple platforms
  • Make the site live on the client’s web host.

Now in theory, each of the 9 steps above take about 1 week each.

In reality, getting the design right, writing all the copy, creating your website structure, end up eating several weeks each.


3-4 Months To Build Your Website*

(*I just made that up, but given my 13 years of experience building websites for all types of clients from coaches to large multinationals, it’s an accurate estimate. Hi, I am Cosmin, among other “titles”, I’m proud to be Michael’s Web Guy for the past 8 years! More about me at

No wonder that many people give up or
just never get around to doing/redoing their website!

He wants you to look good and to have a great website that helps you be more successful.

He basically offered to give you for free:

  • His latest website and blog design
  • His own copy and images that present the BYS services you sell

All you would pay for is having his web design team install and customize the site for you.

No more design meetings, project management meetings, content planning, design reviews, lots of

What’s Included?

Book Yourself Solid WordPress Template

  • Yes, you finally can get a website just like Michael’s.
  • Reuse Michael’s copy.

WordPress install and plugins

  • Install wordpress on your hosting.
  • Install 5 common plugins (eg: All in one SEO, Pretty link, Wp-cache, Contact form.

Pages and customizations

All the pages listed below contain Michael’s copy which you can easily tweak to make your own.

Home page

2 version of home pages based on the BYS template and customized with your photos, text and optin form

About me page

One page with your bio, photos, video, etc.

Testimonials page

One page based on the BYS template and customized with your photos & text

Landing/Sales page

A custom landing page based on the BYS template and customized with your photos, text and optin form

Services / BYS pages

One page outlining your services.(Example: Michael’s , Francine’s)

One page presenting the BYS Illustrated book.( see example)

Three sub pages with details about the coaching services: One-on-one, Group coaching,
Speaking.(Example: Group coaching)

Three more pages about other coaching services besides BYS. (optional)


Blog with a customized sidebar with your optin, and images.

Contact, Privacy Policy,
Terms & Conditions

Written by Michael’s IP attorney (MP paid $5,000)

We’ll just take Michael’s company name out and insert yours.